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 Executive Producer

 Perry Alan


Perry Alan is from Long Island, New York. Throughout the years, he's lived in some wonderful places including;  

New York City, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.

He started his career life on Wall Street for six years, later becoming the Director of a Model Management and Talent Agency

for seven years.

This strengthened his skills to once again make a career leap allowing him to enter the arena of Producers and Line Producers 

in the Advertising, Fashion, and Film Industry.


Striving in his position for more than a decade, with over 600 production credits in the advertising and film industry's world of 

TV commercials, music videos, documentaries, docu-drama’s, print campaigns, film, and live events, enables Perry to flourish 

while doing what he loves to do.

Utilizing his forte in finance, management, and production, while servicing clients and contributing creatively when needed, 

heightens his passion for each project.


Perry Alan is known for enhancing calmness with many people under pressure, and maintaining each and every production to 

​run smoothly and within budget. 


We look forward to talking with you about your next project, and seeing you soon.


Contact information:



USA       Florida    +1 (954) 654 1711

Skype:   EuropeUSA

Straight On Productions International, Inc.

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