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​​Production credits in the USA, Scandinavia, and Europe amongst many include:​​​​


Netherlands' Marie Stella Maris' Water

Victoria's Secret

Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren​

​Marks & Spencer​

​Neiman Marcus
​Jessica London​

Target Stores



Kool Aid


JC Penny


Mutual Insurance

Boots Cosmetics

Azzaro Cosmetics



Pollard Cigarettes

Sats Sports





Coors Beer Rodeo Champions Campaign

Oil of Olay

Miller Beer / ESPN Super Bowl Campaign

Dionne Warwick's California Show

T- Mobile’s Side Kick

Nabisco’s Oreo & Teddy- Graham

Long Island Castle Advertising

Treasury Wine Estate's "Be Wine"

P&G's Gillette Advertising w/ NFL star Clay Mathews

Fleggaard’s Viral Campaign-Denmark

Carlsberg Sport Drink
Nyt Syn

Boxer TV
Netherlands’ Essent Energy TVC
DDB Norway’s Peugeot Viral Campaign
Disney / Touchstone Picture's "Rose Bud" Pilot

Palm Picture’s “Paper Mache Chase" film

Remi Martin's Sugar Shane Mosley Campaign

Nashville's MCA Music-Jessica Lynn Howard

Capital Record's Westside- Connection CD w/ Ice T, Cube & Mack10, Nelly & St. Lunatics

Julie Andrews, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jay Leno, and Maria Shriver’s Children’s Book Campaigns​

Revlon Run/Walk LA Woman’s Cancer Marathon Documentary.

NHK Japanese Station’s Palm Springs & N.Y. Yankee Stadium Aerial Filming-documentary

Creator / EP: Click Model's "Talent Search", by Centennial Park's Atlanta Olympic Games

UCLA Los Angeles Times- Festival of Books Documentary

London's Raw TV; "Banged Up Abroad", "Locked Up Abroad Equador" Fixer-USA Production

London's Raw TV; "Trouble In Paradise", Fixer-USA Production

​IWC Media, RDF Media Group; "Crimes That Shook The World 2-Aileen Wournos", Docu Drama, Fixer-USA Production



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