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Jack Guy

Director / Still Photographer 

Jack Guy discovered his passion for photography while working on the other side of the lens as a top International model.

Having traveled the world to be photographed for some of the top brands, retailers, and editorials, he quickly developed

an interest in photography where he eventually transitioned from in front of the lens to behind the camera.

Jack resides in Malibu California. He currently travels between coasts to photograph some of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Jack has exhibited his photographs from Africa where he spent time living amongst the Maasai Natives and wildlife of Amboseli,

as well as documenting his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

He’ s been able to use his photography to help out various charitable causes.

Jack participated in exhibitions to benefit the soldiers project and wounded warrior for soldiers injured in battle as well as the

union rescue mission to benefit the homeless.

He shot the Pinkitude campaign for the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer, and recently five current campaigns for PETA.

Jack’s on the advisory board for the March to the Top Foundation that provides support for the under privileged in Africa, 

which focuses on areas of healthcare, education and conservation.

He’s an avid adventurist, certified scuba diver, master licensed skydiver, and motorcycle rider, amongst his participation to help charitable organizations through his works.

Jack has been enjoying his success of transition by shooting both stills and directing.

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