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TO: Straight On Productions International, Inc. (“SOPI”)

(insert your full name(s)__________________________________________________________

(the “Proposal”) (insert the title of your proposal)__________________________, 20___.

I understand that ideas, program formats and literary and other materials that are submitted to (“SOPI”) may be identical or similar to those which have already been submitted or may be submitted by other producers or which have been developed or may be developed by (“SOPI”). In order to prevent any misunderstandings between us as to the use of the Proposal that I am submitting to (“SOPI”), we mutually agree, prior to the consideration of the Proposal, as follows:

1. I/We hereby represent and warrant that: (a) the materials that I/we have submitted for review were solely created and are solely owned by me/us and that no other firm, person or corporation has any right, title or interest in the materials (except as otherwise noted in the “Summary of Materials” attached (collectively the “Materials”): (b) I/We have the full right to submit the Materials to (“SOPI”) upon the terms and conditions stated herein.

2. I/We hereby acknowledge that (“SOPI”) has not made any prior representations to me/us regarding the Materials and shall not be under any obligation if the material has not been selected for production by (“SOPI”).

3. I/We have retained a copy of the Materials, and I/We agree that (“SOPI”) shall not have any obligation to return the Materials, nor shall (“SOPI”) have any obligation for loss or damage to the physical Materials.

4. I/We further acknowledge that (“SOPI”) may have independently developed ideas, or may hereafter develop program formats and literary and other materials which are similar to the ideas, program formats or literary or other materials which I/We am/are submitting to (“SOPI”) or may hereafter independently develop ideas, program formats and literary and other materials which are similar to the ideas, program formats or literary or other materials which I/We am/are submitting to (“SOPI”), that (“SOPI”) will have the unrestricted right to use such similar ideas, program formats and literary formats and other materials which (“SOPI”) has developed and I/We will have no right or recourse against (“SOPI”) in respect of such usage.


5. I/We further understand and agree that I/We shall not be entitled to any compensation for (“SOPI”) use of any materials similar to those that I/We am/are now submitting if (“SOPI”) has received a prior similar submission, subsequent similar submission not based on the Materials, or has independently created or hereafter creates material based on an idea similar to which my submissions is based.

6. (“SOPI”) hereby acknowledges that I/we am/are the owner of all right, title and interest in and to the contents of the Materials submitted for review including, without limitation, the worldwide copyright therein and thereto and any and all renewals or extensions of such copyright throughout the world in perpetuity.

7. Subject to the provisions hereof, (“SOPI”) agrees not to make any commercial use of the ideas, program formats or literary or other materials which I/we is/are submitting to us except under the term of an agreement to be negotiated between you as the Producer and (“SOPI”);

This Agreement shall constitute the entire understanding between (“SOPI”) and myself. No other Agreement, written or oral, expressed or implied, exists between us with respect to the Materials. Any change to this Agreement must be signed by both parties. Any reference to (“SOPI”) shall be deemed also to refer to (“SOPI”) and its affiliated and related companies, and all of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives, licensees, successors and assigns.

The signatures below shall constitute a binding agreement. I/We have read and understood the foregoing. Yours truly,


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Please print page and send to Straight on Productions International.

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