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Roman Jirnih

Roman is a US citizen born in Moscow in 1981. He grew up in New York ending up moving back to Moscow in 2002.

He's based in Moscow with his beautiful wife and son Stephan.

Roman's first commercial shot in 2005...resulted a win for The Best Directors Debut Award 
at the AICP show!

Since then he has shot many more films which have been awarded in Russia and Internationally.

Roman directed his 1st short film, 'Hope' in 2009 for the Smoke & Mirrors 48 hour film competition in London. 

He had 48 hours (and about $300) to write and produce it.

The film went on to only collect runners up at the intended competition but went on to be a part of the program 

in many well known festivals throughout the United States & Europe.


It was also screened during the Cannes Int'l Film Festival 2010 as part of a special program sponsored by Kodak.

Roman has a producer's background at an agency and a qoute from Roman says it all regarding that experience.

"I blame only that for giving me the chance to have worked with tons of brilliant and worthless directors 

the seven years there."

This is really where I got inspiration and knowledge of directing… This was my film school, and it's the best way to learn!!

Roman speak fluent Russian and he can even read it. "Unfortunately he can't really write to well 
in Russian, so his

treatments and everything else that applies to writing comes in decent, New Yorker English".


Epica 2010 - Silver      /   The Golden Drum (Portoroz) 2010 - Silver

Prague International Advertising Festival 2010 - Silver

The Golden Hammer International Advertising Festival 2010 - Silver

WPP Piran Idea Festival 2010 - Gold

The Red Apple MoscowFestival of Social Advertising 2010 - Silver

The Red Apple Moscow International Advertising Festival 2010 - Bronze Promax UK.

2007 Best Foreign Language TV Promo - Gold

Teffi 2007 Best TV Promo - Gold

AICP Show 2005 - Best Director's Debut

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