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Steffen Barenfanger
​Cross Media Director​​​
Rep: DBC K. Kempkes Hamburg, Germany

"The Cross media Director"- a director who thinks and works across all forms of media.

Steffen’s career can’t initially be compared with that of a classical director.

His field has been created with the development of new media over the past few years.

The last 15 years have created new horizons for Steffen Bärenfänger.

With a pedigree in classic design and music education, he soon became enthusiastic for 3D and motion design.

His studies of new media in Mainz led to his first directorial work in which he combined film with 3D, motion design and music.

This quickly turned heads at renowned advertising agencies and post-production companies, such as Das Werk, 3deluxe,

and Jung von Matt…all while he was still a student.

The continued development of the Internet and those resulting new opportunities led to a steadily growing interest-

by interactive agencies in his work.

The combination of film, 3D, motion design and music, together with interactive media became a new focus and passion for him.

His duties grew with an emphasis in consulting, design, creative direction and directing of films with further development into interactive movies, touch screen applications and smartphone apps.

In cooperation with agencies such as e.g. Scholz & Volkmer, NeueDigitale / Razorfish, OgilvyOne, Plantage, Optix Kreation, 

People Interactive, VCCP, Denkwerk, BuzzImage Montreal and Jung von Matt/next, he fulfilled a number of pioneering projects.

His works have won many awards, e.g. Cannes Cyber Lion, ADC Germany, NY Festival, iF Communication Design, W3 Award,

Webby- Award Favourite Website Award, German IPTV-Award, Golden Award of Montreux, Die Klappe, Red Dot Design Award,

One Show- Interactive Awards, Mobius Awards, Clio Awards, D&AD Award, Eurobest Award, CRESTA, etc.

He has worked for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Ubisoft, eBay, Nokia, Mario- Gomez,

Kienbaum- Consulting, Coca Cola, Goldwell, Telecom, Adidas Y-3, Adidas Originals and many more.

Through his cooperation with the company PIXOMONDO (Oscar winner 2012 - Visual Effects), Steffen has expanded his

capabilities to a new level. His work as a director and creative director of post production for the new Audi A4 Showroom movie,

in which the car was subsequently created in CG - is just one example.

Steffen is a director who can develop a vision of modern contemporary brand communications across all types of media.

In this process, his aesthetic standards combine the full range of possibilities of the current media types, communication,

and implementation techniques.

His work as a director, vary as much as the possibilities of today's communications:

Whether it be real film, CG movies, interactive applications - or even the combination of all of these formats.

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