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Bo Bridges
Director / DP/ Still Photographer /  Drone Pilot 

Bo obtained his pilot license when he was in college, and has a background ​in aerial photography.​
He started his photography career shooting aerial images from airplanes for hotels, golf courses, 
and private large-scale homes. ​

He’s now found more use for his pilot's license in aerial photography with the HexaCopter, a six-motor, remote-controlled helicopter.​
Bo directs for himself, and co-directs alongside other directors when he's available with his HexaCopter.​

These drone-type RC helicopters seem to be growing more popular for video & film shoots.​

Bo has a pilot control the RC hexi as he operates the camera.  His techs monitor the temperatures of the six motors, and keep track

of time while monitoring the air speed, all via laptop.

It has full use of GPS and he can set coordinates to run the machine from point A to point B.

Bo and his clients can watch exactly what they are shooting live from the ground.​

Bo states, "It's just wild! You can do so much with it. You can put it two feet from the athlete's or actors head and then take it up 

300-1000 feet.​"

It’s a whole new advanced level of capturing a unique point of view.

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